Rawr! Rawr! Like a dungeon dragon!

Woohoo! It’s so close to weekend time I can taste it! What do I plan on doing, you ask? Editing! I’m a little over half way through. I’m so excited to share this with everyone. I hope they’re just as excited! It’s been a pretty productive week and I have created quite a small buzz for my upcoming book. I love the cover, I’ve probably said that before, but it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to see what my designer comes up with for the last two books. Teehee!

I will say, I have been taking my sweet time editing this novel, because I want to make sure it flows well and there aren’t any plot holes and that the pacing is good. And grammar. Good ‘ol grammar. I know so many people seem to want to rush through the editing and try to publish as many books as possible (Amanda Hocking published 3 books in 3 months). I’ve not read her books though so I can’t give an educated opinion, but I’m not sure I could publish that many in such a short amount of time. And write them? I will admit, the 3rd novel of my series is written. But since it’s been a while and I’ve made quite a lot of changes, I will have to go back and rewrite portions I’m sure. So I may publish that one soon after Under the Burning Stars. And the 4th one…I really gotta start writing that one! Maybe I’ll hold a contest to readers to see what they think will happen to Ava and her crew.

I have another series I would like to publish after my Elemental Enchanters. This one is different, but still falls under the fantasy/paranormal category. It is dark (I think most of my books are). I’ve also thought about rewriting my NaNo novel since it got lost. But in the meantime, after editing UTBS, I plan on doing a LOT of reading to catch up on all these great books I haven’t read. There are so many!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Happy Writing!


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