Character Interviews

July 11, 2014 – Interview w/Ava Hannigan

Here’s another interview with the lovely Paige Boggs of Electively Paige and Ava Hannigan, the fiercely independent and headstrong woman in the Elemental Enchanter series. We first met Ava in Under a Blood Moon, and she’s been telling us all about her world and her story. Thank you Paige and Ava for being here. I’ll turn it over to Paige now!

Paige: So Ava, have you always known you were an Enchanter?

Ava: Yes. Since I was seven years old.

Paige: You control the element water, what’s that like?

Ava: Pretty astounding. I can supposedly do anything to manipulate water, but I haven’t mastered everything yet. I love it, though. It’s empowering and comforting. But it can be scary having this much power.

Paige: You’ve had a pretty rough time lately, how are you dealing with everything?

Ava: I’m dealing.

Paige: I think sometimes readers of your story tend to forget that you’re only seventeen, do you feel like you have more pressure on you than the average teen?

Ava: Ha. Discovering your powers and knowing that there are people out there who want you dead or want to use you for your powers is a little daunting. Most teens worry about which movie to watch on a Friday night, while I’m training for a potential war. I worry about making mistakes and doing what’s right.

Paige: Before your powers came in and life got 1,000 times more complicated, what are some of the things you’d do for fun?

Ava: I would read a lot. Listened to music. My friends and I would swim or just hang out. The summer before my powers developed, I spent a lot of time with Peter. I miss those days.

Paige: Out of the other members of your coven, who would you say your closest friend is? Why?

Ava: Probably Gabriel or Joss. They never judge me and are always there for me.

Paige: Your mom died tragically when you were young, how would you say your dad did raising you?

Ava: I think my father did a great job despite the circumstances. There were things I wish he had told me before instead of me finding out all at once. But I understand.

Paige: Of the events in Under a Blood Moon, is there anything you’d change?

Ava: If I could go back in time and change anything, I would have followed Xavier closer and ignored everyone telling me to leave him alone. Instead, I listened to them and things happened because I didn’t stop him in time.

Paige: Last question, and possibly the most important, what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Ava: Chunky Monkey.


June 13, 2014 – Interview w/Gabriel Dacosta

Here’s an interview with the lovely Paige Boggs of Electively Paige and Gabriel Dacosta, the handsome Enchanter we met in Under a Blood Moon. Thank you Paige and Gabriel for being here. I’ll turn it over to Paige now!

Paige: Hey Gabriel! We didn’t get to learn a whole lot about you in Under a Blood Moon, and so that makes you kinda mysterious. What can you tell us about yourself?

Gabriel: I’m 20 years old. I’m an Enchanter who can teleport and stop time.

Paige: Okay, so you have the ability to stop time and go anywhere in the world. Umm… How freaking cool is that? What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever took a side trip to?

Gabriel: It’s pretty cool. The White Cliffs of Dover.

Paige: So, tell us, how old are you really? Not just how old you look.

Gabriel: I have been an Enchanter for almost 140 years. But I age slowly so to humans, so I appear to be 20 years old.

Paige: How do you feel about helping train this new group of Enchanters?

Gabriel: Training new Enchanters can be tedious, but we’ve not had such an incredible group before. They do seem to dwell on drama a bit much, but they’re young. They are all very eager to learn how to use their abilities.

Paige: How do you feel about Ava?

Gabriel: She’s a cool girl. I like hanging out with her. She needs to learn to be less serious all the time, but I guess I could take my own advice from time to time.

Paige: Anything else you want to tell us? You’ve been alive for a long time, you’ve surely seen some interesting things!

Gabriel: I spent a lot of that time hiding. But yes, I’ve seen a lot of things in my life. Mostly war, but there were some fun years. I haven’t had the greatest upbringing and it wasn’t until I met Eric that life turned around for me. So probably, the past thirty years have been great for me. Until now, that is.

Oooh, leaving us with a little cliffhanger! Thank you both for being here and don’t forget Under the Burning Stars releases July 21!

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