**Giveaway Alert**

Exciting news: I’m giving away two signed copies of Pieces of Me! 

I absolutely love this story and I believe that anyone can take something away when reading the story. Corinne came into my thoughts one day, many moons ago, and I remember writing a scene with her and James. She had so many secrets and I wanted to know more about her. Over the years, life happened, and after *several* drafts and rewrites, I finished it. I love each and every character because they are so vivid and real to me. I get asked often why I wrote a novel on such a deep subject, and the truth is, I feel like people need to understand suicide and depression more. There are so many questions involved, and yet when I’ve met people who have often told me depression is all in the mind, it bothers me, because it is a real illness. I wanted to write a story that could help people or let them know they aren’t alone.

And I love Corinne and James together. They are so good for each other and I wanted to write a relationship that was realistic. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but if you get through the hard times, you can get through anything.

If you’ve not read Pieces of Me, I highly recommend it (teehee…of course I say that because I’m the author), but in all seriousness, I do believe someone can learn from it. Or at least be entertained. 🙂

Details of the giveaway are here:




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