Tori Amos: A Muse


Last Wednesday, I went to the Tori Amos concert here in Atlanta. Obviously, she was amazing. It was the first time I’d seen her in 8 years. I wanted to see her in 2017, but I was unable. I met a couple of people and I love how all of us were such huge fans and understood each other. It was such a great feeling.

But that’s what music does – it brings people together (not to sound cliché). It’s brought me to some of my closest friends. I met my best friend because of Tori Amos; I met a group of amazing ladies because of Jimmy Eat World. Music also helps me write scenes and get the emotion perfectly. That’s why I always listen to music when I write.

Sometimes I start out with a playlist and start writing to it or if I’m stuck in a story, I’ll search through music trying to find that feel or tone of the story. (Yes, sometimes this leads me down the music rabbit hole!)

I used to think I was unique in this, but turns out there are so many writers who do the same thing. I went to a conference once and this author said sometimes she’ll take a walk and listen to music. She’ll set it to a random playlist and let it play – without skipping a song – hoping that the scenes will come to her.

Now that the semester is over for me, it’s time to start my capstone project, but also get some creative juices flowing on my books. I’m not sure what to work on right now but I have so many ideas flowing through my head. I even created a little idea book to write them all down.

Hope you all are having a lovely Friday!



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