January Dreams – Available Now!


The day has finally arrived! January Dreams is now available in eBook and paperback! Click here to purchase!

I am proud of this rewrite, and I hope you all enjoy this book. It is the first in the three book series. I will have updates on when books 2 and 3 will be released soon!

To celebrate the release week, below is a sneak peek available only here:

Standing on a cliff, darkness shrouds me except for the full moon hiding behind the tall trees. I hold myself as if it will make me warmer, but the strong gale pushes against me, almost knocking me over. I look over the cliff and gasp when I see several feet below, waves crashing against sharp pointed rocks and trying to reach me. I take a step back, but I collide with something hard. I try turning around, but it’s no use. Hands force me to stay straight.

“Don’t scream,” a dark gruff voice demands in my ear. He presses something hard into my back and leads me back toward the cliff.

“Please don’t do this,” I beg.

The waves continue to rumble below, and I have no way out. I close my eyes and cold tears trail down my face. 

“It’s finally your time to die, traitor.”

“No, please!” I wail and push against him but like a statue, he doesn’t budge.

The man whirls me around to face him, but all I can see are dark eyes under a hood. “He doesn’t love you, Megan. He used his magic to make you fall in love with him. He’s an Elf. That’s what they do.”

I narrow my eyes and gasp. “No. You’re wrong.”

The man laughs. A deep throaty laugh. “You are a fool. A sad, pathetic fool if you ever believed he loved you. He only wants the Jewel. He’s only using you as leverage.”

A gunshot sounds and the man releases me. I lose my balance. My heart jumps to my throat as I fall. I grasp the edge of the cliff and small rocks break and fall past me. They always say don’t look down, so I look straight up into the indigo starry night, holding on so tight.

“Megan.” Casper calls and grabs my wrists. His beautiful face takes the place of the stars and he hoists me up until I am safely in his arms. Holding me close, he kisses me fervently. “I can’t lose you. This is getting too close. We have to keep going. There could be others.”

The man on the ground groans and I stiffen. We get to our feet and I cautiously walk toward the man, but Casper holds me back. I can’t see the man’s face.

“You think you’ve won,” he says through a thick garbled voice. He coughs and I see a pool of liquid spreading around him under the bright moonlight. “The night of the eclipse, the war will start.”

Casper takes my hand and pulls me through the thick forest, picking up his pace the further we get. It is hard though, running in such a long dress.

“He will find you, Megan,” I hear the man bellow behind us. I gasp and look back. I lose my footing and crash to the ground.

“Megan.” Casper helps me to my feet.

Is the man right? Is Casper only using me? He wants me to go back home. He wants me to forget about him. But why is he grasping my wrist, holding me against him as we run away from my home?

I hope you all enjoy the newly polished version of January Dreams, or for those who haven’t read it, a new book!

Thank you for your patience and your support over the years. It has truly meant the world to me, and I couldn’t have done this without you. You are by far the best fans a girl could ask for!



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