An Open Letter to Anyone


It’s been a while since I’ve written in my blog, but I have my reasons. For the good part of two years, I didn’t write. Not writing for me is like I can’t fully breathe, or function properly. I could recount the absolute terror I experienced and speak bitterly of it, but I won’t. Instead, I am grateful. You see, without it, I would not be who I am now. I am not perfect, but I’m stronger. I am wiser. I know exactly what I want and what I will not tolerate. I found myself again.

There was a point where I didn’t care about anything. It wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t here. It was like an ocean swallowed me whole, but I found my strength and I swam to the top, through the rough waves, and reached the shore. It wasn’t easy and there were times I just knew I would drown. But I survived.

It does get better. You just have to hold on with everything you have and not give up. It won’t be easy, but nothing in this world that’s worth having is easy. You have to fight like hell and refuse to let defeat take over.

We are all strong in our own ways. We just have to find it.

We don’t always appreciate the bad in our lives, but we should. It makes us who we are, and loving ourselves is the first goal of a good relationship. Be brave. be bold. Be yourself and don’t let anyone make you feel less of a person. This can sometimes be hard, especially when you hear negative comments toward you daily. but you have to push through it.

Always remember, YOU ARE WORTHY. YOU MATTER.

I know how difficult it can be to reach out to others. You fear being a bother or like no one has time for you. But I promise, reach out. It is worth it. I didn’t get through this alone, because I remembered that I wasn’t alone.

Take care of yourself. You deserve it.



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