Give Me Strength


It’s been a very tough road for me lately, and I’m trying my best to get through it. I love writing – it’s my passion, it’s what gets me through hard times – however, lately, I’ve not been able to write like I used to. Some of the stories I was working on are too difficult for me right now, almost too close to home. I’ve written bits and pieces of a fantasy novel, which is turning out to be fairly neat. I want to write something that means something to someone. Something that matters. What makes it so difficult is seeing bad reviews during this time. I know I’m going to get them and I know not everyone will like what I write. Still, it’s hard to stomach some days.

I have a long weekend ahead of me, so I plan to use this time to relax, get some things done, and try not to stress. I hope to write. I miss it. But I know not to force it and all I’ve wanted to do for so long was write, but it’s just not coming to me like it used to. Usually, writing about what is going on has always helped, but right now, it’s too painful to write. Too fresh of a wound, although they say that’s the best time to get it out.

Do you ever have issues like this? What do you do to relieve stress?

Happy writing,



  1. Be okay with taking a break from writing. If you feel you must write, then journal or write anything but a novel. Sounds like a great time to read and write poetry. Just know that this too shall pass and when you begin again, you will be fill-up for showing up on the page. All the best to you!

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