Bullying Can Last a Lifetime

I received an anonymous letter regarding a story of someone who experienced bullying. When bullied, it affects people, which to some can last a lifetime. It has long term affects on people. Here is the letter I received:

When you brought up bullying, my childhood immediately came to mind. My parents and I moved, in the summer of 1982. I was about to start 7th grade. Coming from an all Catholic grammar school, then going to a brand new Catholic school, was rough.
Everyone knew each other since Kindergarten, and I remember walking to school, in tears, missing my old friends. That first day of 7th grade, I met my very best friend, that I still have, 34 years later! I was/am, 5 ft tall, and she is/was, over 6 ft tall ! We made quite the pair!

When we started an all girls Catholic High School, the uniform was brown, it was a skirt, a shirt, a vest, and a tie!

Freshman year was my heaviest ever. My bf was also her heaviest. We dreaded the special days, where we could wear jeans, and regular clothes. We were constantly bullied about our weight, and our clothes. They weren’t name brand, we weren’t rich. By Senior year, my BF had moved to MN for her senior year, her Dad had to move for work. I became friends with the stoners, the popular girls, each stereotype.

From 3 years of being picked on, I lost weight, and decided not to take crap from anyone. I became the loud, funny girl, but the stigma of being fat stuck with me. I got into a lot of fights, and when my BF was able to move back, after a year, I was in with the party crowd. I look back, and it’s a very painful visit. That made me the insecure person I am today. Everyone tells me I’m so funny, I should be a comic. No, it’s my pain mechanism. I make fun of myself, before others can. It reminds me of the character from Pitch Perfect. Fat Amy. “Why do you call yourself fat Amy?
So you skinny bitches can’t say I’m fat!”
Yes, I can make anyone laugh, the harder the laughter, the more I hurt inside! I’m 46, but inside, I’m still the fat girl.

My heart breaks for this young lady. I just want to reach out and give her a hug.

Your words can affect people. Let’s be kinder to each other. Is there really a reason to be mean to others? Reach out to them. Stand up to bullying. You could save a life.


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