We’re supposed to have another supermoon/eclipse September 27-28. I’m so excited because my fiance and I purchased a telescope recently. Can’t wait to check it out! We did get to see the moon through the telescope one night. It was amazing. (Yes, I love astronomy). Seeing the craters through the lens is truly fascinating. You never realize just how fast the earth is moving until you look at the moon through a lens.

If anyone reads my books, they’ll pick up on the astronomical themes throughout. Especially my Elemental Enchanters Series. I’m not sure what lured me into astronomy. I guess I’ve always been fascinated with the stars, moon, and galaxies. When you think about it, we are just a tiny speck in our galaxy. But there are other galaxies. It’s mind blowing.

Under a Blood Moon features (duh) a blood moon, but this one isn’t an eclipse. It’s actually the second full moon in October, which is always red. (The one in September is red too, but it’s usually referred to as a harvest moon). In case you all wanted to know.

If you see the supermoon, let me know!


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