Words, words, and More Words


How is everyone on this fabulous Monday? I’m doing well. I did quite a bit of writing over the weekend, which is good and I’m coming up with more ideas for the last book in my series. So far, I’m at 5,499 words, but I haven’t typed all the rest of what I wrote. Yes, I hand write a lot of my novels because sometimes it’s easier for me to think and for the words to flow. Depends on my mood though. I read an interesting article this morning regarding NaNoWriMo that I found to be useful for those who don’t know what it’s all about. Basically, anyone can participate and you attempt to write 50k words in 30 days. But so many authors get the wrong idea of it. You don’t by any means, HAVE to write 50k words. You don’t have to slave at your computer day in and day out. The beauty of the whole event is to get people to write. Sure, you may not write the great masterpiece, but who knows. Maybe you will. Tons of writers actually write some of their best work under pressure. So far, I’ve written 2 novels that started in NaNo. I first wrote Under the Burning Stars as one. When I wrote it, it was just a series of scenes. No transitions, no real chronological order. It was a jumbled mess, but after I wrote it, I revised it and turned it into the novel that it is today. If you want to read the article, go here. It debunked a lot of myths about the event.

Anyway, I plan to write a post every day (or try to) as I journey my way through NaNo this month as I write book 4. I hope you won’t be disappointed with it, but I promise my fans lots of action and some romance, among other things.

Time to get back to it! Too bad blog posts don’t count toward the word count. haha.

Happy writing!


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