It’s Raining Oranges

Okay, no it’s not really raining oranges but it sounded like a cool subject. Right? No?

Anyhoo, I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month this year (50k words in 30 days) and I will be writing the 4th and last book of my Elemental Enchanters Series! *squeal* I can’t believe we’re already to book 4! This journey wouldn’t have been possible with you (thank you!). I’m getting my writing playlist ready and I’m stocked with Coke and I’ve got my writing buddies, so I’m good to go. Who else is participating? Add me as your friend on NaNo – carrigan34 and we can be writing buddies! I’ll try to post my NaNo experience this year more than I did last year. And I promise NOT to lose the file like I did with last year’s story. Still so very upset over that. (If you want to read the tragic story, click here).

Anyway, I have a release party for my book, Under the Winter Sun (Elemental Enchanters book 3), here. Also, you can pre order the book! Woohoo! So excited to share this book with you all!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to all of the authors and readers who came to the online Halloween Author Freak Fest. It was truly an amazing event and Nicole, Paige, Sara, and I truly appreciate you all! It was so much fun!

One last note – are you dressing up for Halloween? Show me your pics!

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