Let’s Beat Cancer!

How many of us are or have been affected by cancer? Pretty much everyone, right? I lost my grandmother 11 years ago to lung cancer and it was very hard for me to lose her. My great aunt has had cancer, but she remains strong and I admire her for everything she has had to go through. My aunt survived breast cancer and so did my boss. My grandfather had throat cancer and succumbed to it a year ago tomorrow. It’s never easy and it never will be, but there are so many survivors and patients who need help. That’s why I, along with a lot of other authors, are banding together to create an event for Stephanie. We have priced all of our participating books at $0.99 and are doing a rafflecopter and all proceeds will go toward this lovely lady’s fund. If you would like to learn more information, please go here. The event is located here, and is from September 12-19. Come check out all the great authors and it goes toward a great cause!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of the great readers out there. Without you, I wouldn’t be living my dream!


Happy writing,


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