Heating Up July

Hello everyone!

How was your holiday weekend? Or for those that it wasn’t a holiday, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty awesome. Got to enjoy some sunshine, good food, good company, and was asked to be my mom’s maid of honor in her wedding. Woohoo!

As some of you know, in gearing up for the release of Under the Burning Stars, Under a Blood Moon (book 1 in the Elemental Enchanter series) is $0.99 all month long! If you haven’t read it, here’s the link. I hope you all enjoy the book! And only 14 more days until Under the Burning Stars!!! I’m so excited! I plan on having some events coming up as well to celebrate the release so stay tuned for more updates!


Last night, I finally got to sit down and write some for book #3. So far, I think this one is turning out to be the longest book in the series. I had my handy Emotion Thesaurus with me – which helps tremendously while writing/editing. If you are a writer, you need that book. It’s easy to read and a great reference. 🙂

I’m also sending out books to those who won in the Beat the Heat Giveaway. If you’ve not received your copy, hold tight. It’s coming. But more importantly, thank you so much for participating and for entering to win! You rock! Also, thank you to all of those who entered my Under the Burning Stars ARC giveaway on Goodreads! Had quite a turnout! You’re awesome!

Keep writing!


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