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I would like to thank all of those who entered my Under a Blood Moon giveaway on Goodreads and congratulations to the winners! Your book is on the way. 🙂 I was supposed to be done editing last night in my novel, but that didn’t happen. It will get done though. I still haven’t decided on a release date, but I have been working on the cover and it looks AMAZING! I swear, my book cover designer is truly a gem. I love her work. If anyone needs awesome covers made at an affordable price, check out http://www.thebookcovermachine.com. Laura Gordon is my designer. I’m so impressed with how quickly she picks up on what I want. Awesome. I’ll have a cover reveal soon I’m sure. I will say though, it’s a shame that I can do pre-orders for my books on Amazon. I know they mentioned working on this, but I’m not sure when that will be an option. So I guess I’ll just have to bug everyone until they have the date set in their minds. teehee. Kidding. I will say the editing process is coming along quite nicely. I haven’t had an argument with my writer self yet, so that’s happy. I am rather nervous about this one though. While I love the story, I just worry, like any writer would, about what people think. I hope you all enjoy it though.

Soon, I’ll have the book cover and the blurb available so that you all can start getting excited! 🙂


Happy writing,


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