Here We Go


So I have 6 days to finish the second book in my Elemental Enchanter series. I really need to finish the draft so I can edit it and get some beta readers. Also, I’ve been playing around with the title. I can’t decide on one. I have a few in mind but I (obviously) want it to be awesome. I gotta say, one of the hardest things about writing is titles. Sometimes they come to me, other times not so much. I’ve seen some authors actually do title contests. Not sure how you could do one if the people hadn’t read the book. Anyway, the second book is a lot darker than the first, if I’ve not already mentioned that before. It deals with betrayal, death, holding grudges, and learning to be stronger and learning that it’s okay to seek help when needed. I’m so excited about this one because this turned out to be a surprise novel. The third one so far in the series is my favorite. I haven’t written the fourth one yet, so we’ll see if that’s going to be my favorite. But I promise to my readers, it will be an awesome ending to the series. Once I finish writing this series, I plan to work on another series. I think this one will be a two book series. I wrote the first one for NaNo a few years ago and I really love the story. It’s different than anything I’ve read. And then maybe one day I’ll return to the dystopian novel I started for last year’s NaNo that go deleted. It was a cool story, too. Thankfully, I wrote a lot of it down but there’s still a large chunk forever gone.

I did a free book promo for Under a Blood Moon the week before last. It did fairly well. Not as well as Pieces of Me, but I’m still proud. Sales for UABM are actually getting better. I’ve been trying to market as much as I can and get reviews, etc. And my fans are amazing in that they help promote my books. I am forever grateful to you.

To those who always told me self-publishing is the easy way were wrong. But I am glad that I chose this path because I have the freedom to do it the way I want. And I’d like to think that I’m not just some random girl out there publishing books that (as I’ve heard before) “there’s a reason it’s self-published.” I’d like to think my novels mean something to someone in some way. I hope that my readers can relate to my characters in some way and learn from them or just enjoy their stories. That’s ultimately the most important thing for me as a writer. It’s tough to put your heart and soul into something and let someone see it and give their opinion on it. So, if you’re scared to let people read your writing, don’t be. Just be brave and wear that tough skin!




  1. I want to get your collection for Haley my 16(somewhat older than 16 in her mind) granddaughter. I believe in you and so proud of you. Remember us little people when you get on the big list. You are so awesome. Linda Christopher


    • Of course I’ll remember all of you! And do you want paperback or ebook? Both versions are available on Amazon, and Pieces of Me is available in more places. Thank you so much for your kind words and support. 🙂


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