Me fail English? That’s unpossible.


I just completed my first giveaway on Goodreads and I thought it went pretty well! I now have a lot of people who have added Pieces of Me to their ‘want to read’ list. I am sending out the books today to the winners. I have four days to complete the rough draft of the sequel to Under a Blood Moon. I first wrote this in 2012 for NaNoWriMo. There was no transition at all. It was just a bunch of scenes thrown together in some sort of sequential order. It’s fun to go back and actually work on the awesome scenes I created for it. I had to rewrite UABM after I realized the plot was rather…empty. So I chopped off about half of that novel and saved it. Rewrote it to what it is today. So, the original ending of UABM is now the ending to the sequel. The second in the series is darker (actually I think they keep getting progressively darker as the series goes on). I love seeing how much my characters evolve and how they aren’t perfect and that nothing is as it seems. That’s the thing about books that I love. If you have a series, the characters must evolve. I remember reading the Beautiful Creatures series and liking how much Lena changed. She matured, she got stronger. Some books don’t do that though. Which honestly drives me bananas. Take Twilight for example. While I loved the series, the two things that drove me crazy were how Bella stayed the same and how the reader never saw a single fight scene. Bella either passed out or was taken away from the fighting. Granted, writing fight scenes is really hard because there’s so much going on. But that’s why I loved Harry Potter, Divergent, or even the Hush, Hush series. They didn’t refrain from the fighting. I also am a big fan of strong female leads. I’m starting to see more and more of them now in young adult fiction. Like Divergent. Tris was a very strong character. Sure she had her faults, but who doesn’t? She kicked butt though, and I can only hope that my character Ava in UABM does the same. I think she does. She is strong and very independent and sometimes her independence is her downfall. But only time will tell if she learns from that. She’s mature, and yet naive. I’ve noticed though she doesn’t smile a lot. She doesn’t have much to smile about though. Again, maybe she’ll learn to eventually.

Who are some of your favorite characters from books and why?

Happy writing!


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