Miseria Cantare

I’ve decided from now on, that if I can’t come up with a title for my blog entry, that I will just use a song title. That works, right? Well, it’s gonna. So I published Under a Blood Moon last Tuesday and released the paperback version of my other novel Pieces of Me. I should have the paperback version of UABM soon. I found a grammatical error in it and had to change it. In the meantime, I’ve not worked on the sequel in quite some time (I was secretly hoping my fiancee could fix my flash drive) but I think that’s a lost cause. Really sucks b/c I wrote a brand new story and now it’s gone. I’ve also started reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth. So far pretty good. The first one of that series is due out in movie form soon. I’ve often been asked if I would turn my books into movies. Depends. I would hate for my book to become a movie that’s actually terrible. What do you think about all these books-into-movies? It’s like every movie that comes out now is originally a book. Anyhoo, enough rambling. I must get back to writing.


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