Two more days before NaNoWriMo. I’ve thought about writing the sequel to my weird dream novel or the final installment to my Enchanter series. But now there is another character poking her little head through. I guess when I allow it, the floodgates open and bam! Creativity is knocking at my door. (Which I seem to be at my most creative during the fall/winter months). Every time I finish a novel though, I’m always afraid that I won’t have any other ideas for something new. Does anyone ever have that fear? I wonder how many famous authors have that. Think about it. I see some of these authors publish a series of books and do extremely well and then you never hear from them. Was it just money for them? Was it really all they had in their head? Makes me wonder. I know I had a question once a friend read my current novel, Pieces of Me. She asked if there was going to be a sequel. But I strongly believe some books (and movies) are better off just as a stand alone. I do have another contemporary type young adult novel that I wrote ages ago. Not sure if I’ll get that published though.

In two days I will begin writing for NaNo. What, I have no clue. I guess whichever character has a stronger presence in my mind. I saw on NaNo FB page there were a lot of writers not knowing what to write about. Some of the advice was pick your favorite sentence and turn that into a paragraph. And then a one page synopsis. That could be something to get you started. Maybe that’s what I’ll do.

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